The Baby

           Justin and I have decided that instead of saying "it" until we know what gender the baby is and use a name that we need to give the baby a cute name. We have decided to call it (thats the last time I am saying "it") our SNOWFLAKE. Let me explain. Justin and I both LOVE winter and snow. The night before and day of our FET transfer we got our first snow this year that stuck to the ground. I went on and on about how I thought it was a "sign" and was good luck. Ever since we found out that we were pregnant it has been snowing every day. This was also a frozen IVF cycle so it was a "frostie". All of these things made Snowflake the perfect name for our little one. We are so happy to announce our little snowflake to the world, well the blog readers at least, because we arent ready to tell many people.

6w5d: Heart rate of 127bpm!

8w0d: Heart beating at 177bpm
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10w0d: Heart rate 177bpm again!

11w0d: Heart rate at 164bpm:

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