Saturday, March 19, 2011

18 Weeks & Frame Wall!

Far Along: 18 weeks

How Big is The Baby: Not sure! They say that his body should be as big as a sweet potato =) I think without legs, just from head to butt, he should be about 6.5 inches.

Total Weight Gain: Havent been to OB this week so Im not sure.

Maternity Clothes: Be band with pre-preg jeans and maternity shirts still.

Sleep: Not bad, not good. Still waking up to use the bathroom.


Movement: Nothing that I feel yet =(

Food Cravings: Fruit, sweets/desserts, milk, juice (cran-grape!)

What I Miss: Nothing, I love being pregnant.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling Foster finally.

Milestones: No big milestones this week that I can think of.

Symptoms: REALLY bad acid reflux, HORRIBLE MIGRAINE HEADACHES, frequent urination, more of an appetite, tired.

Without further ado, here is the frame wall I have been working VERY hard on and I am sooooo excited!!!

First I had to paint some of the frames because I bought some that were scuffed and marked down on sale. So I painted them in the kitchen =)
Then I laid frames out on the floor to try and figure out how I wanted to arrange them!

And the finished product!!!!!!

The long frame at the bottom is a 12-month frame. It will have a newborn pic in the middle a each of his month photos around it. I am going to put an ultrasound picture in the middle for now when I print one out in the right size.


  1. Lindsey, the frame wall looks awesome!!! Very cool! And you look great! :-)
    - Alisha (MrsVoz)

  2. The frame wall looks amazing!

    18 weeks!

  3. Stopping in for ICLW...

    Congrats on your little boy!! So exciting. And I love the frame wall. It looks beautiful.

    Hope the headaches ease soon!

  4. Here from ICLW. Congratulations!!! I loved being pregnant too. Such an amazing experience and wonderful time, especially after all the hard work getting there. Enjoy!!!

  5. Hi from ICLW!! Congrats on your little boy!! Your bump is cute. You'll be feeling him soon!


  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look amazing! And so does your frame wall! I want one! So cool.

    Happy ICLW! (#95)

  7. I love the frame wall! You are so creative. It's awesome! :)