Sunday, March 27, 2011

19 weeks and Level 2 u/s part 2

Far Along: 19 weeks

How Big is The Baby: He is growing like crazy. I forgot to ask them the exact measurement at my ultrasound but he should be about 8 to 9 inches long from rump to head so with his legs I would sad about 11 inches?! Oh my goodness, my baby boy is getting so big, and it shows in my belly size!

Total Weight Gain: I was miraculously not gaining weight from weeks 11 thru 15 but now I it seems that I gained about 6lbs since week 15 =/

Maternity Clothes: Shirts are a MUST because my normal clothes are not long enough. Pants is a mixture but mostly pre-preg pants with no buttoning or zipping and a BE Band. Sarah (my friend and neighbor) let me borrow a bunch of her maternity clothes so now I have a couple sweater and a pair of jeans to wear =)

Sleep: I wake up to pee like twice during the night now and I cant sleep in but sleep is ok at this point.

GENDER: to quote the u/s tech "Its DEFINITELY still a boy and he's proud of that thing". Haha

Movement: This is a sore topic for me. He is making tons of movements but I am not really feeling them or at least not that I know of. I am still so sad that I have this anterior placenta!

Food Cravings: Fruit, sweets/desserts, milk, juice (cran-grape!)

What I Miss: Nothing really. I can honestly say that while it isnt all fun I LOVE being pregnant.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling Foster move finally!!!!!

Milestones: Part 2 of our level 2 u/s.

Symptoms: REALLY bad acid reflux, HORRIBLE MIGRAINE HEADACHES, frequent urination, much bigger appetite, tired.

Pictures from our ultrasound:

(the bottom of Foster's little feeties =P )
(His precious profile with his mouth open a little bit)
(Another profile pic)
(His looooong legs!)
Everything looked really good at part 2 of our level 2 ultrasound. They said that they did not see any further markers for downs. While this is reassuring we are still on the fence about an amniocentesis because after NT Scan (the one that we got bad results on) 50% of downs babies show no further markers on ultrasounds. So, like I said, its reassuring but doesnt give us any definitive answers.

Foster was being a little stinker and making the ultrasound tech work for her images! He kept moving right when she went to take pictures. It was SO neat to see his heart valves and chambers up close. I was absolutely amazed and once again fell in love with Foster even more.

Overall it was a GREAT week. This was my week off of school in between last quarter and the new quarter that starts tomorrow.

On wednesday we got the bedding that I ordered from Pottery Barn Kids. It looks like this: (You cannot tell in the picture very well but the detail is in light green, there are scallops all around the top and bottom of the bumper and the ties are green. Also- we did not get the quilt.)

Thursday night we hung up the light fixture that we ordered from Pottery Barn Kids for the nursery and also installed a dimmer switch.

Yesterday we went and bought Foster's crib mattress and changing pad.

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  1. The nursery is so beautiful! It looks like it's straight out of a magazine! And I just love the name Foster.
    I couldn't feel anything until MONTHS after everyone else! It drove me crazy! We ended up renting a heartbeat doppler so I wouldn't drive the OB's office crazy worrying about no movement! It helped, but I was still so glad when I finally started to feel the baby move, but it took a long time for me.