Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NT Scan

So I went for my long awaited NT Scan. Everyone has always told me how wonderful they are, how awesome the baby looks at that point, everyone always has precious pictures of the profile etc.


Mine was awful and I could not be more pissed.

It was literally 3 minutes long. The guy acted super rushed. He acted like he didnt know me when he did my ER back in sept. We got ZERO pictures. He had the screen turned away so I didnt even get one glance at my baby. He showed us nothing. I asked for a gender guess and he said he would guess but never did and hurried out of the room and immediately went into a consult with another patient.

The one thing that he did say was that the nuchal fold was indeed thicker than they like to see but we will see what the blood work says.

I asked the nurse if he told her because he was supposed to give us a gender guess and he was already in that consult. We waited around so she could ask him when he was done and this is what he told her to tell us: "Its really just a guess, and I guess boy and Im right about 50% of the time". So basically he didnt know?!? I dont know if he thought it was a boy from what he saw or if he just said that because he couldnt tell but I guess Ill never know because he didnt say anything to us.

Basically I have never felt so let down. I have been looking forward to this scan in particular since our positive beta and I am SO LET DOWN. I started crying the minute he left the room.

So we got:

Bad news, no pictures, and no glimpse of the screen.



  1. So sorry to hear! I'd really complain because that is inconsiderate to not let you even see the ultrasound screen. It's supposed to be comforting, not leave you on edge! There's no reason they should rush through and not give you a glimpse or picture.

  2. Nooooooo!! What a jerkface. I'm so sorry. :(

  3. Oh honey... I am so sorry! I'd complain!

  4. Ohhh geesh! I am so sorry! Can you call and complain?

  5. Are you kidding me? I know for a fact that it takes a lot of skill and effort to get the NT thickness right, because the baby's head/neck has to be in the right alignment. The RN who did my scan has done hundreds, if not thousands, and she took 20 minutes to make sure she got the right measurement. So I wonder if he even did it right! You saw your RE instead of a MFM? Maybe you need a second opinion. I"m so sorry that this was such a disappointment, I would have been so mad if I hadn't been able to see my baby or get even one picture from my NT scan!

  6. I'm so sorry! What a jerk!

    Can you call and complain? Maybe get a second visit with someone else? I can't believe he was so impatient and rude. Hugs to you my dear.