Saturday, April 2, 2011

HALF BAKED! (20 weeks)

Far Along: 20 weeks!!! I am HALF-BAKED!

How Big is The Baby: He is growing to be a big little boy. At the OB on wednesday we had our anatomy scan and they said his weight was 13 ounces, so he is almost a pound! They cannot measure his length anymore because he is too long to stretch out. This week he should be bigger than a cantaloupe.

Total Weight Gain: According to the OB's records I am up 7 pounds total.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity shirts only really. Pants is still mostly normal jeans but not buttoned and only zipped a little bit, held up by a BE Band.

Sleep: Other than waking up to pee a TON and our dog, Lola, deciding that she has to go out in the middle of every night too, I am doing ok.

GENDER: Little man =)

Movement: WAITING, WAITING, WAITING... I am still so sad that I have this anterior placenta!

Food Cravings: sweet things, milk, ALWAYS THIRSTY!

What I Miss: lunch meat.... to be honest, I am eating it but only once in a while and I wish I would eat a sub every day for lunch. I feel like the things that I want to eat are all the things I am not supposed to be eating.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling Foster move finally!!!!!

Milestones: Hitting the half way point!

Symptoms: REALLY bad acid reflux, HORRIBLE MIGRAINE HEADACHES, frequent urination, much bigger appetite, tired, back pain, hip pain.


  1. Yay for being 20 weeks! Your bump is looking great!

  2. you look adorable! Congrats on being 'half-baked'!

  3. You look absolutely adorable! I hope the migraines get better! I have them pretty regularily but I only had 2 while pregnant. The OB gave my Vicodin for them and said it was fine (both were when I was about as pregnant as you, not in the beginning). So you might want to talk to your OB about options so you don't have to be miserable!
    Can't help you with the frequent urination. They really could've just gone ahead and put the catheter in around the 3rd month for me. Between that and the early costipation I LIVED on the toilet. *sigh*