Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Anyone who knows me would tell you that I used to be DEATHLY terrified of needles. I refused to have blood drawn, cried when I got shots, and couldnt even think about needles. Then I went to nursing school, I cried the first time I have an IM injection and feared doing it every time after. Then I became an "infertile" and I now have NO fear of needles whatsoever! I could stick myself 20 times a day if I had to.

With my newfound courage I decided that with the IVF cycle I would try acupuncture (among other things)to try to increase my odds. I got a referral from a friend for a fertility acupuncturist and set up the appointment a few weeks ago. I went last night and it was a really neat experience. We talked about a lot of things first and she gave me some ideas for all natural antioxidants I can try to eat/drink a lot of during the cycle. Then we got to the acupuncture:

I laid on my stomach and she put needles into my feet, ankles, calves, sacrum, lower back, wrists and ears.

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