Wednesday, August 25, 2010


LIVER ENZYMES ARE DECREASING!!!!!!!! slowly though. They were down but not too much. This is good news though because it means my cycle is NOT cancelled and we are going to recheck the liver enzymes in 1 week. I really hope that they continue to go down.

In the meantime my IVF nurse called, who by the way frankly sucks. She wanted to know what my DR said and then wanted to make sure that everything was on track. I told her that I would be 1 BCP short and would run out next monday and I was supposed to take my last one that night. She sat there is silence trying to "think" FOREVER..... if you dont know why not ask the DOCTOR?! She didnt think of that I guess and just mulled it over forever and wouldnt let me suggest anything or she got huffy. I am so annoyed that she is "new and learning IVF". She needs to have someone there fixing all the messes she is making and checking what she is doing because from our conversation today I learned that she cant count to 6.... a very basic skill. UGH..... go away lady!


  1. Yay for the number dropping! Boo for the nurse! You have more patience than I do. I would have lost it :P

  2. Yay enzymes! So glad to hear you are moving ahead! Lots of great thoughts for you!

  3. Awesome that the enzymes are dropping! I wish you much luck!
    Happy ICLW!