Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My visit today!

Today I had my pap, trial transfer, saline sonogram, IM teaching for DH, and blood work for my messed up liver (i am still very sad about this and scared that they will have to take me off of the met).

Trial transfer- not bad at all. It really didnt bother me and didnt take too long.

Saline Sono- This actually was really uncomfortable for me. I had more discomfort with this than I did my HSG. Everything looked good and she didnt see anything unusual.

She also wanted to look at my ovaries and this was the most painful part because my left ovary ALWAYS gives them problems. They say that it seems to be behind my uterus (weird right?!). Well its excruciating for them to look at it on u/s.

We go in tomorrow morning for our consent signing and to hand over wayyyyyy too much money but im excited!!!!

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