Monday, August 9, 2010

IVF consult was today!

I found out today that not only to I have PCOS but I also have hypothalamic amenorrhea.... apparently it is extremely rare to have both???? I dont know.

I am going to be doing long lupron protocol. I start BCP tonight!!! I will get my exact meds and schedule soon because she ran like 17 different labs on me today (CD3) and wanted to get a better look at some more of my horomones.

The only bad part is that it is going to cost us more than we thought and now we are scrambling to try and find money or a loan etc. GRR, IF SUCKS! I never thought I would have to shell out 10 grand before even starting a cycle not counting all the additional costs and payments after that. :::deep breaths:::

Im really excited to be getting started though!

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