Monday, August 30, 2010

So we meet again!

Today was my baseline ultrasound and blood work. I had to be there at 8am, OUCH! When I got there the first thing they had me to was get my blood drawn. It went fairly well for having shit for veins and really only having one usable spot that has been repeatedly poked and prodded hundreds of times in the last 60-90 days. Then I went back for my ultrasound. Normally the wait is very very short, as in less than 3 minutes, well today it was 35 minutes. This normally wouldn't bother me but I was supposed to be at acupuncture at 9am. Needless to say, I had to call and tell her I was running late and luckily she was able to accommodate. The ultrasound was uneventful, I had no large cysts and was seemed to be suppressed like they wanted me to be. After the u/s I had to go out and remind Terri (the ivf nurse) that they didnt check my liver enzymes like they were supposed to and he said we will do it on the 7th. Ok, well thats 20 days between checks and I am under strict orders from my PCP to check it every 7 days. Thank you nurse dumb-ass. I also had to ask her for a pack of BCPs and she "supposedly" had already written down to remind herself to give me... she acted like she didnt know what I was talking about. I guess she has no memory either.

I had a realization today: My ultrasound HURT SO BAD! My left ovary is just plain mean to me and I CANNOT imagine how bad it is going to hurt when my ovaries are 10 times this size in about a week and thereafter. I am DREADING it.

Dr.J just got back from vacation and said that she was catching up on my liver issues. We discussed them and she said that she want to think about and look up some info on Actos to see if we could use it instead of the metformin that I clearly cant use. She said that when the IVF nurse, Terri, called me with my E2 results she would also tell me what we were going to do about my insulin resistance. This would all be fine and dandy if Terri had ever called, but she didnt. Terri is the most incompetent nurse and I cannot stand it, I wish they would hire someone with a brain and a personality.... but alas, I have Terrible-Terri.

After leaving the office I went to acupuncture. THANK GOD. It was WONDERFUL. Each time I go I get into a deeper relaxation state and this time I was as close to sleep as it gets. I am so glad that I start acupuncture because I think it really helps with my stress, especially since I have terrible-terri driving me bonkers.

Well now it is nighttime and guess what?!? TERRIBLE-TERRI NEVER CALLED. Neither did my PCPs office to tell me about my thyroid antibody tests from last tuesday. I called on friday and asked for a call back before the weekend and now its monday night and I still haven't gotten a call back.

Everyone is INCOMPETENT and I am PISSED. Why is it so hard to get good care??!! I am at my wits end. I guess I will just sit back and let everything get missed and forgotten therefor basically pissing on the 20k this IVF costs.

Bitter much?

On an up side- I take my last BCP tonight.


  1. o0o0oo! You have a tricky left ovary too! They love to tuck up and hide behind the bowel. Some times when they're full/heavy with follies, it will drop, so it won't be as uncomfy during ultrasound, but some times it does not! :P

    Alot of girls from my IF board talk about their tricky ovary. A few of them spoke about that it made ER difficult, so their doctor had them do a colon cleanse before ER. Who knows!

    Anyways, I want you to start stimming already so I can check in at how many follies you have every few days!!

  2. I AM SO READY TO START STIMMING TOO! I start on saturday! Also- my left ovary hides being my uterus... odd right?!