Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ER (Retrieval)

I woke up this morning and all that I could think about was "Is it time yet?". Justin was on a conference call for work all morning at the hotel so I couldnt make any noise of watch tv. So, I spent the whole morning emailing Amie and texting with friends. I then showered because I knew a whole crowd of strangers were going to be admiring my ladies parts and insides today so I felt it should be as nice as possible down there.

Before leaving the hotel I had to draw up a PIO (progesterone in oil) injection to take with me and have them give it to me while i was still under anesthesia.

We then left at 11:30 to go drive to the hospital/office. Upon arriving we realized that the office is in an office complex attached to the hospital which is comforting to know. We went upstairs and I was anxious to see what this office is like because our Columbus office is SO NICE. It looks like a country club in my office. This one was nice too but a bit tacky if you ask me. There was a large feather arrangement above the receptionist area that looked like a drag queen outfit.

The anesthesiologist came out and got me. They had me sign some release forms and then change into a hospital gown and wait for the nurse to come back. I put on my lucky socks just in time for surgery!

Then they took me across the hall to the OR and Justin had to go out to waiting room. He gave me a quick kiss and off I went. When I walked into the OR I realized the table looked like a torture machine! Instead of having stirrups for your feet it had giant boots that they strap your legs into, and they were very intimidating looking. I talked with the nurse anesthetist and the OR nurse for a bit then the embryologist, Keith, came in and said hello and told me what was gonna happen with my eggs! After he left we waited for Dr.Nash to come in. Dr.Nash is a partner of Dr.James and he is the one that was Akron to do retrievals that day. After that I got strapped in the boots and I was OUT from there. They gave me propofol, versed, fentanyl, zofran, and another nausea med. I woke up in recovery with my husband walking back in to see me. I was so happy to see him.

Here I am drugged up and looking like hell:

After some waiting the embryologist came in and told me that we got 24 eggs!!!!! Yay! This made us so very happy. He then told us that tomorrow we would get a phone call letting us know how many of those 24 were mature and how many fertilized normally because they would be performing the ICSI to fertilize them today. Also, he said that if we have more than 12 that fertilize normally they will immediately take half of them and freeze them at the zygote stage tomorrow. Then we will watch the rest and whatever we dont transfer back into me we will freeze, if they are good quality.

We drove home and now we are home, I am in a decent amount of pain and cant really walk but I am happy. Time for movies and couch time. Also, our friends sarah and toby are coming over to order take out and watch a movie tonight. I am so thankful for good friends =)


  1. Sounds like it went smoothly. I hope the eggs do great and you have many great embies soon! Hope those ovaries are good to you in the next few days, take it easy!

  2. Sounds like great news, I love all the pictures :) Text me or call me if you need ANYTHING!! I'm super excited about this!

  3. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? I AM! Is there going to be a pregnant bridesmaid at my wedding?

  4. Only if you get married before the middle of june ;)