Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Blog Roll

I recently joined a weekly blog roll which highlights infertility (IVF, IUI, PCOS, Adoption, etc.) and this is my weekly entry =) The participants blogs are being used and linked to a pain blog page to educate on infertility. What a cool experience to be a part of!\

Ok....1st Topic of the Day

What triggered you to start blogging? I started blogging because I felt like I was going to need to look back on my infertility journey someday. I felt like I had lots of things that needed saying but I wasnt able to say them to anyone, not that I had noone to share with but some things are just too hard to say out loud.

Did you already have a blog? Before my IF journey- no.

Are you normally someone who writes down your feelings? No, when I was younger I used to keep journals but I havent in years.

Has having your blog helped in any way dealing with IF? It helps me to put into words what I cant say out loud to people.

Do you share it with IRL friends? A select special few =)

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