Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lots of monitoring appts in one post =)

On friday I went in for another monitoring appt. Good morning stirrups:

Here is my friend/foe that hurts me but helps me

I have LOTS of good follicles growing!
The Right:
The left was again hard for us to see so we just measured a few when we could kinda see mean old lefty:

TMI warning: here is an ultrasound picture of my uterus when Dr.J was measuring lining.

They also drew blood when I was there. I got a call later on friday saying the my e2 (estrogen) was getting pretty high and they needed to decrease the amount of follistim that I inject twice a day to 125IUs in the morning and then 100IUs in the evening. They said that my e2 was just over 1300. They said that they wanted me to come back on sunday morning for another appt.

This morning when I went my follies were looking great. Justin thought that my ovaries look like turtle shells on the ultrasound. Here is righty:
Dr.J said that she wanted to print and give me a picture of Lefty for my fridge because it may be the only time we see it well! hahaha. I LOVE Dr.J, she is awesome. The nurse came in to draw my blood because on sundays the lab room isnt open and the nurses draw the labs. She tells me that she has been scared since friday when she saw that she was going to have to draw my blood because I have such bad veins. I ended up letting her draw blood form the back of my arm and we just laughed because she said noone else would let her do that but that I was just too funny. I really like Rebecca.

This afternoon Dr.J called me (yes, she herself called me). She said that my e2 was all the way up to just over 3000, this is very high. She liked to see the e2 at 3000 or just under at retrieval. She said normally at that level she would have me trigger but that she really thought my follies needed another day soooo we SIGNIFICANTLY decreased my follistim dose to 50IU tonight and 75 tomorrow morning and I am going in to see her at 9am. She said that we will be triggering tomorrow night!!!! This means my ER (surgery) will be on wednesday!!!!!! OMG, I CANT BELIEVE ITS HERE!

She also said that I am now at a VERY high risk of developing OHSS, which sucks. It causes you to be very sick and you get third spacing of fluid in your abdomen and gain weight incredibly fast. Some people gain 4 to 10lbs a day!!!! You look incredibly pregnant when you have OHSS and everyone says its awful. You can also have that fluid build up in your lungs making it hard to breathe. Sometimes you have to be hospitalized and if fluid builds up in the abdomen (most common place) they have to drain it by sticking a huge needle thru your stomach over and over and over. PLEASE DONT LET THIS HAPPEN. Im scared but excited at the same time.

I will update tomorrow!


  1. I can't wait for some more good news tomorrow!! Excited for you guys :)

  2. I am so excited for you two! I can't wait to hear the good news tomorrow and I'll be praying that those ovaries behave and there's no OHSS!

  3. Good luck!! My e2 got pretty high while stimming too, but my RE triggered me a bit early to avoid OHSS & everythign worked out fine. Sending prayers that it's the same for you! GL!!

  4. Neo En Guen Bow She Tama...I changed the meaning of means good luck and I'm so excited for you! Fingers Crossed!