Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monitoring Appt

This morning was my first monitoring appointment since I started stims on saturday. I am normally a slow and poor responder to my meds so we started with a decently hefty dose twice a day. The ultrasound went well! On my right ovary I had 6 or 7 follicles that she measured and she was really happy with righty's response. When it comes to Lefty it is certain agony. My left ovary has been very very painful to see on ultrasound for about 3 months now and today was no different. Dr. J spent about 10 minutes searching for Lefty, and I was beginning to think that it had shriveled up and disappeared. It was so incredibly painful. She had to use her other hand and push down on my abdomen hard to get the slightest glimpse of it. She wasnt able to count or measure these follies die to the pain it was causing me but said that it looked similar to Righty and she happy with it.

I got a call this afternoon that my E2 came back at 319 and this is just what Dr.J wanted so we are keeping the dose the same and I go back on friday for another ultrasound and more blood work! Also my liver enzymes are almost back to normal- yay!

p.s. acupuncture was FABULOUS today.

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