Friday, September 17, 2010

Not what we expected

Our fert report was not what we expected, to say the least. On wednesday they retrieved 24 eggs at our ER. We were through the roof excited. They said that most of them would be mature and that they would call us with our fert report thursday.

4pm rolled around I had been glued to my phone all day but no fert report had surfaced. I decided that I was going to call them because there was NO way that I was going to miss them and not get my fert report will friday. When I was finally on the phone with the embryologist he told me what I didnt want to hear. Of the 24 eggs they retrieved only 12 were mature. EXCUSE ME, WHAT?!?!?!?! He said that this was rare to see to many immature ones..... figures. Then he told me that they did ICSI to the 12 mature ones and 11 fertilized.

Bottom line- we didnt get to freeze any at the zygote stage today because they have to have at least 12 to do that. So we are disappointed and feeling crappy about this. One of the most important things about this cycle was that we got lots of frozen embryos so that we could do frozen cycles (FETs) if this fresh cycle didnt work. We cannot afford another fresh cycle so this was do or die and well..... it looks like we died.

Now they are going to watch these and call me today to tell me whether we are having a 3day transfer (tomorrow) or a 6day transfer (tues). PLEASE let us make it to tuesday.


  1. So sorry about the disappointing results. We only had 14 eggs to start with, only 10 were mature, 6 fertilized via ICSI, 2 did not make it, 2 were transferred and 2 are now frozen and waiting for us. Hoping and praying for all your little embies to make it!

  2. I am so so sorry to hear about this but I'm praying all you will need is this fresh cycle!

  3. I'm hoping and praying you won't need those extras frozen! Hoping and praying that you get plenty fertilized for a 6 day transfer!

  4. I only had seven mature enough to fertilize. They all did and 5 of them made it to transfer or freeze. We just completed our first frozen cycle and still have enough for another run. So there is still hope!! Good Luck. I'll be watching for news of the transfer.