Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Updates on the IF front

Yesterday morning I finally got a call back about my insulin resistance and blood work. Dr.J decided that she wants to start me on Actos (similar to metformin) but I can only take it daily until trigger then I have to stop. I assume this is because it causes birth defects. I am happy that I am going to get to take something to keep my insulin down and improve egg quality but I cant take it to help prevent miscarriage because of the medication's implications. You win some and you lose some I guess.

On another note Lupron makes me absolutely nutty. I have mood swings that should be illegal and I can cry or scream and the drop of a hat. I am so grumpy at some points that I cannot even stand myself and other times I am so sad all I want to do is cry. I literally thought I was going to take my cell phone, computer and a few other choice items outside today and run them over with my car.... really mature Lindsey. Well, its how I felt.

Warning: Complete hormonal mess on the loose!

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