Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update and Day 4 of the Challenge

Day 4 - your favorite book
This is an easy one. All 7 of the Harry Potter books, I LOVED THEM!

I FINALLY started stims today!!!!!! I am doing 150IU two times a day. This morning I did my lupron injection immediately follow by my first follistim injection of the day! I have to do another one at 7pm.

Let me tell you this: Long Lupron Protcol for IVF is the LONGEST protocol in the world... I cant believe I am finally stimming after all this darn lupron and BCP and all the other pills. WELCOME TO CRUNCH TIME! I also start my dexamethasone today- a steroid that I take for bring down my DHEA sulfate.

This morning I had to go to the dentist- my #1 fear in the world. It was awful and terrible and they didnt finish so I have to go back for 4 hours on thursday =( MAKE IT STOP!

Next monitoring appointment is on tuesday! YAY!!!!!

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