Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Part 3 of Level 2 U/S at the hospital

Everything looked good and after the past 8 weeks of Foster being breech he was head down today. I am sure that he will flip many more times but its nice to know that he isnt completely avoiding it, haha.

Anywho... everything continues to look good. We had increased fluid in one quadrant but nothing to worry about now they said. They also said that because of our high risk status for heart defects they are sending us to Children's hospital to have a fetal echo done (a specialized heart ultrasound basically) and then they wanna see us back at the MFM in 4 weeks. He still brings up amnio which we told him we would possibly do at some point after 28 weeks and he completely agreed and was fine with it. So no downs markers seen this week.

I guess the only thing that confuses me is that I thought I would have the level 2 u/s and then if things looked good they would be done with me and I would be back to just seeing my OB. Instead they always have us come back in 2, 3 or 4 weeks and they send us for other specialized tests. I am glad they are being cautious and thorough but I just wonder if we are much higher risk than they are portraying. It seems like maybe they dont want to worry us too badly or make us freak out. I am sure when they are telling us that things look good they actually are but I guess we are just really high risk. We will see what happens at the echo in two weeks!

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  1. This is my first time on your blog (I saw you were a blogger that a friend of mine had on her wall) and was interested to see you are also going through some prenatal issues (possibility of Down's Syndrome) and decided to delurk right away.
    Your bump is adorable and Congrats on the baby, the great name (unique and old fashioned, the best kind!) and hoping for all the best with you. Hope you don't mind me following you. I am also going through my own possible Down's Syndrome journey. Of course, we also have other issues in the mix, but I won't bog you with those details unless you want to know.
    Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that my blogs are public, but the kids's blog is the one named The Gaggle Grows. The other one is my blog where I rant and rave.
    Hope to talk to you more later!