Friday, April 29, 2011

Scary morning for mommy and daddy!

I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and the whole toilet was full of blood :::insert panic here::: I wasnt feeling my little guy moving at all and he is normally active in the morning so I panicked some more. I called my OBs office and it took FOREVER (15 min but it felt like forever!) to get thru to someone. They said to go straight to L&D. So DH turned around (he was just pulling in to work) and came home and got me and took me to the hospital.

When we got there we went up to labor and delivery and the bitchy (sorry for my language) receptionist was checking a couple in and wouldn't acknowledge us. I could feel the bleeding and I was panicking so finally after 5 minutes of so I creeped up to the desk and asked if I was in the right place. She didnt even look up at me and said "UH-HUH". I wanted to punch this woman but instead stood back waiting and crying. They finally checked us in and put me in a room. The nurse came in and hooked me up to the monitor and after a minute I heard his beautiful heartbeat which hadnt sounded quite that beautiful since the first time I heard it. Music to my ears. He was moving around and ok, thank goodness.

The Dr came in and did an internal... OUCH! and also some swabs. She also did an internal ultrasound to look at my cervix and placenta. At first she thought she saw clotting at my cervix or that my placenta was lying over the cervix but she said her view wasnt quite right so she had me go to the bathroom then we did it again. This time she thought the placenta position looked fine.

Then they drew blood to look at a bunch of stuff including clotting factors because they were worried I was having an abruption. The bloodwork came back ok so they said that they do not know where the blood is coming from.

They sent me home with 3 days of bedrest and orders to see my OB on monday (I cant get in till tues though). So, it was a heck of a morning.

On top of all of this I feel really bad because I think I caused this with a serious amount of stress yesterday. My boss is an awful person and really upset me the last two days then I learned he is planning to "phase me out" (aka fire me without telling me) and I am panicking about getting a new job 6 months pregnant. I have been wanting to quit because I am so mistreated so I really do need a new job anyways. He sent me a bunch of very mean emails yesterday and made a big to-do about me seeing more patients than is humanly possible today so this was the WORST day that this could have happened. Then all morning while at the hospital I was totally freaking out and worrying about work.... how backwards =(


  1. oh goodness girl!
    you rest!
    keep us updated!!

  2. Aren't there laws about your boss treating you that way? Especially if you've got proof (ie those emails) that have been rude?

    Sorry for the bleeding issue you've had. I hope it settles down and that things work out just fine!! I know how scary things like that are. :hugs: Get plenty of fluids and rest, keep us updated.

  3. OMGoodness! What a stressful couple of days!

  4. Thank God you two are ok. I cannot believe your boss and I hope you're able to find something better soon.

    Rest up!!!

  5. How scary! I hope the bleeding has stopped and all looks good at the OB on Tuesday.

  6. Hoping for an update soon! It's been almost 2 weeks

  7. Just checking for an update...hope you are ok!