Sunday, October 3, 2010

The perfect cycle with the imperfect result...

We had out WTF appointment on friday with our Dr and this is what happened:

She cannot believe I am not pregnant. After hearing my number of eggs, my fert rate, my embryo quality, the 6dt and that I got 5 blast frosties she was sure I was pregnant(she was not able to do my ER and ET d/t timing). She said she would have given that cycle a 75% success rate at ET time... yet here I am not pregnant. There is no indicator as so why, nothing went wrong, nothing needed changing. It was the "perfect cycle".... with an impefect result. She's shocked, we are shocked, and I wish I had something to blame it on. She thinks that they embryos must have been chromosomally weak or abnormal. We want to go right into an fet which she thinks should go well bc we have good frosties.... but who knows. I start bcp on cd3 and around cd21 we check so see if my ovaries are small again yet (she said not to get my hopes up which made me want to scream and cry)... my hopes will be up I can guarantee that.

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