Monday, October 11, 2010

The Great Cat Debacle

My cat, Nittany, had a rough week last week. On wednesday I dropped him off to get neutered and a front foot declaw. They said that it is better to do this all at once because cats dont handle anesthesia very well so we listened to them.

On thursday they called and told me that I could pick my little buddy up. After work I went straight to the vet's office to get him. There were no bandages on his hands but they assured me that it was perfectly fine because he hasnt been bleeding at all. We leave and he rides the whole way home on my lap. We pull in the driveway, I carry him to the door, set him down inside and this is what immediately follows:

All that blood came out of my poor cat in like 2 minutes. When I picked him up be would be constantly dripping blood everywhere. IT WAS SO SCARY! I immediately called the vet and they said to get him back ASAP. I grabbed a towel, swooped him up and ran out the door with only my cat and my keys.

When we got to the vet the bleeding had slowed down significantly (of course). They looked him over and he had blood all over his fur on his back legs and tummy because his neuter split open and his little ex-balls were bleeding. Both of his front feet were bleeding too from the declawing. They wrapped his arms up like this:

Then when I got home I looked in the mirror and this is what my clothes looked like:

Then my poor boy laid on the couch with me for the whole rest of the day and didnt move. Poor baby

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