Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update on me!

I have been so bad about blogging lately and now that things are amping up again I am sure that I will get better about it. Here is what has been going on:

Sat= Complete melt down of epic proportions. I wish I could blame it on the alcohol but truthfully it was just the harshness of reality and I tried to run off and melt down alone but even the best laid plans don't always work out.

Mon= Ultrasound and blood work! I was really nervous about this since my body is generally pretty mean to me so I wasn't expecting much but I knew that I would be disappointed if my ovaries weren't ready to move to the next cycle of the FET. When my RE came in she said that it was still really early and that my estrogen was so incredibly high that I cant expect them to be ready yet. You could tell that she really didnt think that they would be ready. Well she began the scan and the right one looked good and she looked for the left one and had trouble finding it (as usual) which we took as a good sign and when she did find it we were so happy! She was in total shock and said they were ready!!!! So plan A is on and I start Lupron and doxycycline friday!!!!!!!! YAY!
That night I gave the girls a bath, which Bella loved and Lola hated!

Tues= I decorated the crap out of my house in preparation for our huge halloween bash on friday!

Wed= I made vodka gummies and jello shots in syringes for the party!


  1. LOL at the jello shot syringes!!! I have a whole box of them that I didn't know what to with. I might have to try that! Good luck this cycle!

  2. Love the last picture of the dogs! Great that things are moving forward!

  3. I think the last time I had jello shots was in college...sounds like fun.

    So glad to hear everything is a go for the FET.

    ICLW #14

  4. vodka gummies! so curious! did you just soak them in vodka?

    congrats on getting the thumbs up for FET!!!