Sunday, October 31, 2010

My past few weeks in photos!

I did mountains of laundry while JD was away on business. Literally MOUNTAINS.

Our puppies went on a roadtrip to northern ohio for the weekend with us!

Because I am completely OCD this is how I clean the basement:

This is how JD cleaned his half, UGH! (Hurts me to even look at it!)

Although I must say that now the basement is clean and there is TONS of room down there. We cleaned it so that there would be room for beer pong and flip cup at our halloween party and there was more than enough room!

My kitty took cute naps...

I went to an NHL game with JD.

I have been swallowing pills like it is my job and now I take even more than this:

I bought a keg for the halloween party


  1. Great mix of getting things accomplished and fun!

  2. I would seriously pay you to organize my garage. Even JD's half is better than our garage! Looks like you had a good weekend.