Monday, October 11, 2010

New Kitchen Facelift!

When we bought our house we upgraded to get a non-white paint color but the whole house had to be one color so my whole house was a creamy yellow, which is pretty. BUT, I am so incredibly sick of it. UGH! So I have gradually painted many rooms in the house. I painted our bedroom before we moved in and it is a tiffany blue-teal color, I also painted our bathroom this color. Then I painted one of our guest rooms a light green and its bathroom a light blue color. Then I painted our bonus room or "family room" navy blue! Then came our entry hallway which is bold dark red, I LOVE IT. I never stop getting compliments on the color! Well it was time to paint the kitchen. The day of beta I began and I didnt stop painting each day till it was done. We also added all of the hardware to the cabinet (knobs and drawer pulls) which I love and I think they add so much character to the kitchen!
A messy before picture of the kitchen:

Here are my sample colors on the wall:

And some after pictures: (the middle and last pic have the new valances and the curtain panels are coming soon!)

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