Monday, November 15, 2010

FET Update and some cooking!!!

I had my baseline ultrasound last friday for my FET cycle that has been going on FOREVER. My ovaries were quiet and I was ready to go!!! Saturday I started estrace supps and vivelle patches. All in all this means I am being loaded up with TONS of estrogen. Let me tell you something about estrogen... it makes you TIRED. I feel like I just ran a marathon and it takes soooo much effort to just get up off of my ass. Again this makes me wonder how its even possible for people to get pregnant the old fashioned way, then I remember how there are 10 pregnant girls on my street of 12 houses and I know its just me that sucks.

Vivelle patches get applied every other day and I put 4 on each time. I cannot put a patch where an old one was for a week! This means that I have to strategically place them because I will be running out of real estate quickly.

Today I went to my neighbor's funeral and burial and it was really tough. He was such a great guy and he will be missed. I worked a little bit after all those events then I came home and decided to do some therapeutic cooking. I love this food blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything, and I wanted to tackle her Taco Filled Braid Bread. So here is what I did:

It was wonderful and Justin loved it!!!


  1. Your patches sound crazy, I didn't realize you had to put 4 on at once!!
    I'm definitely going to make that taco bread, looks amazing!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the E2. I start IM injections tonight & supps next week, and I'm already tired. Guess I'll be extra tired. :)

    That taco-filled bread looks SO GOOD! I might have to give it a try.

  3. yum! I will definitely be making that taco bread. Thanks!!

  4. i need this recipe, it looks so delicious!