Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello Chicago!!!

The morning after our halloween party we had to get up and leave for Chicago. I will be posting a halloween party post but I did not bring my camera cord so I cant upload the pictures. On that note, my camera hasnt been working well for about 5 months now... its always blurry and the flash acts funny. I have been trying to just deal with it and use my phone to take pictures but my phone cant take night pictures well. Justin actually suggested that I need a new camera! I was so happy!!!! I want to get one that can wirelessly link to my computer and upload my pictures without a cord, he said they make those now!

So, back to Chicago! We come here every other year for the PackExpo. Justin is a packaging engineer and this is his "crack/heaven" if you will. He looks forward to it and so do I because I LOVE CHICAGO! So, here I am, in Chicago. Here are some pictures from my phone thus far:

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