Sunday, November 14, 2010

If a casserole could heal

This past wednesday we had a friend/neighbor pass away unexpectedly. He was the neighbor that everyone knew, the neighbor who sat in his driveway and waved every time you drove past his house, the neighbor who you couldnt help but love. The next day my friend, Sarah, and I decided to bake a casserole and take it over to his wife. I wish there was something that you could put in a casserole that could take all the hurt away if even just for a minute for her. How can you go on after losing a husband?!?! I cannot picture my life without Justin, I cannot picture how I would make it through every day without his support. There are things that I wish I could change about him (make him more emotional, make him vocal) but I cant imagine going through everything that I have been through in the last two years with anyone else. I feel so bad for my neighbor's wife, I cant imagine her pain.

Wouldnt it be great if there was magic in a casserole to heal broken hearts? I would eat them daily.

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