Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Announcing: Project Pincushion

WE HAVE A PLAN! Project pincushion is underway (or will be once AF gets here).

We are taking a big step forward in aggressiveness and invasiveness. I am going to be doing injectables with IUI. Gonal-F and Ovidrel are going to by my "drugs of choice".

Here is a timeline:
- When AF arrives I need to go in to RE for a baseline ultrasound to check for cysts and get baseline bloodwork done.
- CD3 I will start taking Gonal-F 75IU daily
- CD7 I will go in for another ultrasound and more bloodwork then depending on my results I will either stay with 75IU or be bumped up to a higher dose.
- Probably 2 more sets of ultrasounds and blood work before CD14(ish)
- I will trigger with Ovidrel either 250IU or 500IU (I cant remember)
- 7dpO I will get blood work and take another Ovidrel shot to boost my progesterone.

HERE WE GO!!!!! I know that this sounds silly but I am SO excited. I had completely lost faith in the Clomid and I am so excited to have hope again.... I forgot what it felt like to think that it might happen for us. I know that each time I start a new med or new procedure I get my hopes up only to come crashing down but I cant help it. I am just so happy. Who is happy to give themselves shots? AN INFERTILE! The nice thing is that these are subQ shots so I am going to be giving them to myself and I am not going to have to have someone help me!

The only drawback of the new protocol is that they cannot control multiples. There is a 1 in 5 chance of getting pregnant with twins, a 1 in 30 triplets, 1 in 60 quadruplets and so on and so on. The RE made us have a "selective reduction" talk with him and we really dont know how we feel about it. At first thought I would say that I am totally against it, I dont know if I could ever do it but knowing that if you dont it severely risks the life of all the babies really makes you think. So we made no decisions on that front. We are going to cross each bridge as we pass it.

<3 hope, faith, love <3

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  1. I know of SO many women that have gotten pregnant with Gonal F an you're going to be one of them! SO happy!!

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA MY SECURITY PHRASE IS "OUSTABS" owe, stabs! yay injectables!