Monday, May 31, 2010

IUI#4 Complete and now we wait...

As many of you know I had to drive back from pittsburgh this morning for my IUI and so we had to leave at 4am, we were EXHAUSTED (only slept 2 hours). I probably drank a little more than I should have last night and just looked like a TOTAL mess I am sure when we got to the RE's office. When he came in with the vial of sperm to verify we had the right stuff he said Justin's name as he holds it out and makes me look too. Then he proceedes to start reading a social security number quickly and show it to me and ask if this is right..... well I just stared at it in dumbfounded stupor. In my head I was thinking "Thats not my social security number" and then I was thinking "wait, thats Justin's.... do they want his on my stuff?" Needless to say my brain wasnt functioning yet but before I could say anything my RE jumped back and looked at Justin and almost had a heart attack. He said I was the last patient of the day and that I just took 5 minutes off his life because he was thinking "IF THIS ISNT HERS THEN SOMEONE GOT THE WRONG STUFF AND OMG". Hahahahahahha, he was really funny. And I tried to explain that I was just lost in translation somewhere but OH WAS IT FUNNY!

The IUI went well. Motility was at 54% and I think post wash we had 21 million??? (cant remember exactly because like you already read... i was out of it). lots of cramping with this one and RE said he had to have a talk with my cervix again because it gives up trouble EVERY time. When he left the room he again said "Lindsey! You took 5 minutes off my life!!!!" Haha, feeling fine now that I took a nap =)

ALMOST FORGOT: RE said "YOUR MUCUS LOOKS GREAT" and I said "oh fabulous" (how awkward haha) and he said ALERT THE POSTS!.... then he went on to say one of his patients that he told that said she had to blog that and I laughed while thinking in my head "i probably will too" haha. Oh what infertility has done to my modesty.


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is the one!!

  2. Yay for compliments from the dr though!!! I hope you find your sticky bean this time!