Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breathe In, Breathe Out.....


225IU seems to make my migraines much worse but on an up-side I finally got a call back from my family Dr saying that she called in the vicodin I requested for my headaches. I am not allowed to take my super-strong migraine medication while I am even trying to conceive. My RE told me that he would like me to stick to meds that are generally safe during pregnancy and vicodin falls on that list so I hope it helps.

I must have hit a blood vessel tonight when I was doing my stim injection. Normally when I do them they dont bleed much at all afterwards but today it GUSHED! It takes a long time for the pen click enough times to give me the full 225IU that my stubborn body needs and then I wait the 10 seconds with the needle in to make sure the meds stay in my stomach. After the gushing stopped I noticed a large blue area forming under my skin that will be a GORGEOUS bruise by morning. Oopsie Daisies :/

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