Tuesday, May 4, 2010

why not me?

I found out that the only other case manager at work is pregnant today. She didnt tell me but someone in the office did and I tried to smile and act excited but really I was crushed. I am happy to know that she was trying and it wasnt a "ooops" (those really make my head spin with jealousy). I cant even imagine now how people can get pregnant by having sex?! That is so 1950, right? Must be nice. Every once in a while I will see someone post on one of the boards saying they accidentally got pregnant and that they are trying to be excited..... TRYING. UGH! Enough of that.

I have been sick this week. My head feels totally full and ready to explode. I got my consultation appointment switched to next wednesday so I am excited/nervous for that. I know that Dr.W wants to talk to me about doing the exploratory lap surgery but I REALLY dont want to do it =( We will see what he says. Time to go lay down!

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  1. Your comment about women getting pregnant from having sex made me laugh. I hope your apt. next week is a good one.