Sunday, May 2, 2010

Its been a while....

I am finally ready to sit down and try to put in to words what has been happening since last wednesday. As you already know my IUI#3 cycle was cancelled due to poor response to meds. Initially I was devastated and just didnt even know what to think. How can it not work?! Why? Why? WHY?!?!? I knew there was a chance that my body would adjust to that dose because it had happened once before on a lower dose. I kept telling myself not to get excited or hopeful and somehow hope creeped up again only to be smashed and go MIA.

Dr. W told me that he wanted me to trigger and do TI "just in case". So I went in to the office on friday and had the nurse give me the HCG injection and as far as I am concerned this cycle is over. I am just waiting for the next. As of today I have 14 days till AF is supposed to show up. I have to go in for blood work on the 10th to check my progesterone also. I just wish AF would show up tomorrow so that I can get past this SHITTY cycle.

When I went in and got my shot I talked to the nurse and she said that I needed to schedule a consultation to come in and talk to Dr.W because he wants to talk to me about IUI w/Injectables vs. IVF and also discuss a lap surgery. I am not able to move straight to IVF because financially we are totally tapped out. Being 100% out of pocket really sucks!!!! I am DEFINITELY ready to move to a full injectable IUI cycle though! I am SOOOOOO ready to never see Clomid again. I have been on Clomid every cycle since october of last year and I need a break. The hot flashes that last the entire cycle are AWFUL! I have a constant headache from CD3 until ovulation that makes me want to chop my head off. It also makes me moody, tired, and a borderline insomniac. Needless to say I am almost willing to throw it a going away party!

I have a consultation on the 19th (i think?) to discuss our next moves and I wish it was sooner.... I really dont want to wait that long being that I am a "planner" by nature. We will see what this journey hold next.

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