Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Today was actually harder for me than mother's day was. All that I could think was "I wish I could make my husband a father." Someday I hope that I can but for now all I can say is that I am trying. I have been on the birth control pills for 5 days now, it is SO weird to take birth control pills while I am trying to get pregnant (well not this month!). I dont know if it is the pills or not but OMG the headaches I have had since the day that I started them. I cant even remember what the side effects of BCP are anymore?! Haha, its been that long. My cysts havent been hurting quite as much yesterday and today as they had been. Its the weirdest feeling and its actually frightening to think of them popping/exploding.

Justin is gone tonight staying at the hospital getting a sleep study done to check and see if he has sleep apnea, so here I am alone on the couch RELAXING after a busy weekend.


  1. ICLW - Fathers day was a rough one for me too. I'm not quite sure how to shake that guilt. Frankly, it sucks!

  2. I'm sorry Father's Day was so rough on you. I hope it is better next year.

    It sounds like your new RE is a great doc and has a great office. Hope the change brigns positive results.