Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hates the feeling when she finds out that someone she considered a good friend really isnt. Sometimes you never realize that you wish you never poured your heart out to them. If someone tells about about their battle with infertility it is because they need someone to talk to and they need support not for you to talk about it to other people, especially when you dont even talk to me about it. Infertility isnt an appropriate topic to discuss.... its personal, its painful, its private. If someone talks to you about it dont talk about it with anyone else.

At first I was thinking that maybe IF would affect my friendships and really didnt want it to. Instead it is teaching me that some of my friends really arent good friends at all. Why be there for someone who cant be there for you without talking about you behind your back?!

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  1. Yuck! I hate that. :( Any chance he/she did it out of love or concern for you??? Was it malicious? Even if it wasn’t meant to be mean, I know that feeling. You feel completely violated. I am so sorry!!!