Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today is 13dpIUI

and no sign of AF yet. The last two cycles AF has shown up at 12dpIUI so yesterday was REALLY nerve racking for me.... I waited, and waited, and waited and she never showed up.

Last night we went downtown to an outdoors drunk-fest/concert for a friends birthday. I chose not to drink at all because of the timing and I was the driver. The longer we stood out there the more my pelvis got to feeling tight and my back was aching like crazy. I would have mugged someone for a chair! Justin and I ended up leaving at about 12:30 when I a big storm rolled in.

My body has convinced me that I'm pregnant but I am still scared that this will be like IUI#1 when Af never showed up and I had to take meds to start my period.... but that time my progesterone only came back at 1.2.

We will see........ Is it thursday yet?!?!

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