Friday, June 11, 2010


My body/brain is being mean to me!!! Yesterday I called my REs office to see if my medications would be changing for next cycle because I wanted to get everything priced out so that I would try and find the money. Well the other reason that I called and asked this was because I have totally and completely counted myself out of this cycle and was just waiting for the next one to being. Yesterday after work I got home and I was SO tired and when I thought about it I took a short nap on wednesday and I never nap. My boobs and been crazy sore for the entire 11 days so far. My lower abdomen was feeling really bloated and firm still. My appetite has been non-existent and I was supposed to go eat chinese food with Justin's family last night and the thought of chinese food made me gag. To top is off (TMI WARNING) I havent been able to poop in 3 days. Anyone who knows me knows that I have the WORST GI system and have some serious undiagnosed problem. I go and go and go..... never the opposite. Well for the first time ever yesterday I wished I could go to the bathroom. I also pee a lot more frequently, which can be caused by the progesterone injections. My body is totally acting pregnant. This thing is that most of these things have happened before but its usually because I am so convinced that my head just messes with me. So this time I am totally confused because I had total decided I was pregnant and had no hope left. So how?!?!

Today when my nurse called me back about the meds she kept saying "If you arent pregnant". Finally I said to her that I had counted myself out of this cycle due to my horrible progesterone results. I dont know if she was just trying to make me feel better but said that they considered stopping testing progesterone due to its variation and unreliability. She said that they just released two women to their OBs with heartbeats that had progesterones of 1.9 and 2.4.

So......... I am waiting. My period has been showing up at 12dpIUI the last two cycles. This means that if my period doesnt show up on saturday (or at least sunday) I am going to be convinced that I am pregnant. This means that I might be setting myself up to get really really upset but I cant help it. Damn you infertility.


  1. Keeping my fingers SUPER crossed for you!

  2. I'll keep everything crossed! Fingers, toes, eyes... you name it.

  3. Everything crossed for you! BUT in my opinion! you should test now =) If you have symptoms there means you have the pregnancy hormone! First Response can pick up low amounts =)

  4. I just took a trigger injection 5 days ago (monday) to boost progesterone so that wont be out for 5 more days-ish. Or would be POAS like crazy. I normally start at 10dpIUI.