Monday, June 21, 2010


Welcome! Whether you are a returner or a new reader I want to say welcome! This has been a rough month and here a summed up recap. I had IUI#4 which was my first fully injectable cycle. It was a rough one... ended up on 225IU gonal f daily and finally got a good e2 response after 14 days of stims. We triggered and had to drive home from out of town at 4am to make it to the IUI. I had crazy symptoms and cramps throughout the 2ww and finally got a BFP at 14dpIUI (had to wait for a trigger booster I took at 7dpIUI to leave system). I had a beta the following day and it was negative. I was DEVASTATED. It was the first BFP I had ever seen. I saw a new RE on CD1 and was REALLY ready to go and move on only to find that I had 6 huge cysts and got cancelled for IUI#5. So here I am on BCP and trying to maintain my sanity! WELCOME!

Enjoy =)


  1. I go back to the doc Friday to check my results and potentially do our first IUI. I'm nervous! I hope that everything goes well with getting rid of your cysts so that you can get back on track next month.

  2. Hopefully the new RE will have success right away. I had the same thing with having cysts and having to delay our cycle while I was on birth control. Good luck with your cysts, hopefully they'll be gone and you can start back up again!


  3. Man how I dream of seing those two lines. That's not too much to ask for, is it?


    I'm sorry you've had such a crazy month. I hope it gets better and you get the BFP you're looking for!

    Ashlee, ICLW #180

  4. Here via ICLW. I remember commenting on your blog in April's ICLW because our blogs have such similiar names and I remember that absolutely goregous wedding photo in your header!

    Sorry to hear you have had a rough month. Best of luck for your upcoming cycle.

  5. I'm so sorry. Wishing you all the best with your upcoming cycle.