Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Roller-Coaster of a Life.

I had my consult with my new RE this morning to see if I wanted to switch REs or not!

First when I walked in it was GORGEOUS. It looks like they had an awesome interior designer decorate it. There are couches and fancy chairs and chandeliers. It was REALLY nice, and obviously its new. The receptionists were really friendly and welcoming.

Then they took me back to Dr. James's office.... I could tell that it wasnt really her office but more her "consultation room" because it was fancy and there was nothing but a lamp, picture, and statue on the little desk and a couch and fancy chair. (I was OBSESSED with the demask wallpaper in there) We waited a long time but they told me that she was a little behind today and that normally that is not the case and she is right on schedule.

Dr. Summer James was REALLY REALLY nice and she was young so I felt that she didnt have "set ways". I feel like Dr.W (while I really like him) thinks well "this is what I do for this" and its kinda cookie cutter. She wasnt like that at all. She asked me a lot of questions and I think from today she knows more about me than Dr.W does and I have been seeing him since january. She looked at everything that I told her and she kinda went over her philosophies and how she generally likes to go about treatment. She said that she wasnt sure if I had PCOS or androhypothalamic amenorrhea (spelling?). She thinks its odd that i have never had fasting blood work done, never had my insulin resistance checked, never had ovarian reserve checked and haven't had my androgen levels checked since last august at the beginning of all of this (I agree). She wanted to look into my blood work more and see if she can really pinpoint what the issue is. She also thinks that I should be on progesterone supps or something like that because oh my ow progesterone levels (which I have mentioned to dr.w and the nurses many times and they say no besides the booster that didnt work. I even asked mac about it this morning). So she went through a bunch of stuff and since I have LITERALLY everything written down she was able to get a really good picture from me.... I write down all my follie sizes and everything at every check (overkill I know.... its the nurse in me). She asked if we could do an u/s so she could look at my uterine cavity, look at my ovary size and shape and see if anything jumps out at her.So I asked her if I could start cycling with her this cycle since today was CD1. She said yes and that she was comfortable doing that because of all the good info I had for her. So we went to do the ultrasound. They have the BRAND NEW really like ultrasound machines!!!!! And the exam rooms were really nice too.

She immediately asked me if I have been in pain and I told her about the cramps for the past 2 weeks and how bad they have been getting and about last night. She said that I had 5 really big cysts on my right ovary and one big one on my left ovary. She told me that there is NO WAY I can progress with this cycle. I have to take BCP for a month and try and shrink them. She also said that I cannot work out or jump or bounce or run because she is worried by the size and number of cysts on my right ovary will make it twist and cut off blood supply which would obviously kill the ovary and it would have to be removed. So, I guess Im taking it easy.

She said that she is interested in doing a lap but she wants to get a good ovulation or two with BFNs before we really need to do it because I really havent had a good chance to get pregnant yet. They also like to do back-to-back IUIs but I dont think that we can afford it.

So tomorrow morning I am going to have blood drawn at the office, I have to fast, and they are going to check a BUNCH of things. I picked up BCP and I am going to go in on CD1 after the BCP for a baseline and we will go from there.

Overall, I really really liked it.

However, I am so incredibly upset that I cannot cycle right now. After the last two days I was just so ready to start this cycle and move on. Its like one slap in the face after another. Welcome to my roller-coaster of a life.


  1. having a good feeling about your RE makes a huge difference. i love ours.

  2. We've switched to Dr James as well after a disappointing "clinical" year with Dr. W. Her approach is so much more sincere and personable. Dr. W felt more like a brush off and I was in closer contact with the nurses at that practice. Dr James was concerned with my age and the fact that I was "left unmonitored" with the last RE. I'm actually looking forward to all my upcoming testing this week and whatever comes next. Her initial consult put me at ease and my husband had a deja vu moment with her consultation office. I figured that's a good sign.