Friday, December 3, 2010


IS SO BORING! I mean I am going crazy here people.

Today I:
laid in bed
watched "Julie and Julia"- this very cute by the way!
laid on the bonus room couch
ate chinese delivery
watched a couple episodes of Brew Masters (which is a really cool new show)
took a nap
laid on the family room couch
did PIO shot and laid on heating pad (OUCH!)
watched "Up"- also cute but im not really a cartoon person.
ate lasagna and salad my mom cooked and brought over for us to bake and eat.
watched JD play video games while laying on the bonus room couch.
now, we are laying in bed and watching "Angels and Demons" but im not paying good attention so I am lost.

Overall, I laid a lot and my back is killing me... I just wanna get up and go for a walk around the neighborhood but I cant because I am trying to get these babies to implant and stay for the long haul.

p.s. I love all you readers and really appreciate your comments =)

Looking forward to: KELLI AND MATT COMING OVER TOMORROW NIGHT TO HANG OUT with JD and I while I am still on bedrest. Thank goodness for good friends!


  1. You are too cute...I love bedrest! ;-) Hope those babies are snuggling in!!

  2. My husband started watching Brew Masters too...he loves it! Hang in there and enjoy your downtime!

  3. Hang in there, love! This will be so worth the boring time spent. How sweet of your friends and family to help with food and visits at this time!