Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafty McCrafterson

First off, I cannot believe that one (or both but I doubt it) of these blasts is implanted and growing inside of me. (If this is news to you read the post before this one!)
The other things that I thought I would share is a huge bruise that Justin gave me (not on purpose) on monday when he gave me my PIO shot. It bled like crazy, made a HUGE knot and bruised immediately... this is the bruise 2 days later:

On wednesday night Amie and I had sewing lesson #2! These nights are SO therapeutic for us and really give us a chance to laugh and just try to focus on something else (even though IF is never totally out of our minds). This time we made Christmas Stockings and let me say, I LOVE SEWING!!!! I cannot wait to get a sewing machine for Christmas =)

Love love love love love my Amie <3

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