Sunday, July 11, 2010

CD2 Ultrasound this morning!

I have NEVER been so excited for a date with the dildo-cam. This break/BCP cycle was just so boring and long!

Anyways, THE CYSTS ARE GONE!!!!!! So all systems are go.

The new REs office went over my blood work with me and revealed some more issues that they found. My DHEA-Sulfate was high so they said that they wanted to start me on Dexamethasone daily. My FSH was 1.8 and he said that was ok (although my Dr had it circled on the lab sheet?! and all the other things circled were issues). Like I said before, I have IR and they started me on metformin almost 4 weeks ago also.

So this new RE office changed plans on me and this is my med line-up for this cycle:

- Prenatal Vitamins Daily

- 2000mg Metformin Daily

- 0.5mg Dexamethasone Daily

- Follistim 175IU daily to start and then upping from there


  1. I really hope that this is the winning combo for you!

  2. SO happy the cysts are gone!! I'm thinking this is a good sign for you! :)