Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Come on AF!!!

I took my last birth control pill last night and now its on to the sugar pills that I dont take. If AF shows up around the same tine she did YEARS ago when I was on BCP then I think she should arrive on friday or saturday. GET HERE FAST AF! I hope she arrives on thursday or friday because it is much more convenient to go to the RE on those days because I am not sure how my new RE handles weekend ultrasounds.

Battle #2: Once AF arrives I have to go in for a baseline ultrasound to check and see if the cysts shrunk or went away. PLEASE LET THEM BE GONE. I dont think that I can mentally handle another break cycle on BCP. I havent had any of the pain that the cysts were causing before lately so hopefully that is a good sign!

On another note, I upped my metformin dose to 1500mg last night and I am sure it will go ever well with my GI tract. Let me tell you this: I learned my lesson about drinking AT ALL and metformin (=colon death). I am now POSITIVE that if I am going to drink I have to not take my met the night before drinking!!!!

Keeping on the lookout for AF!!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she comes early AND there are no signs of the cysts :) I have a good feeling...!

  2. mm metformin. Eat any fast food or greasy foods with it, and you'll be running to the bathroom!

    BUT! I have to say..I was given metformin years ago, and I never faithfully took it because it made my tummy rumble...and other things.

    I did injectable cycles, and ivf without it..and then this year (dont know if it was my weightloss or the met) I took my met faithfully everyday for 3 months, I got pregnant! maybe it was both things combined. who knows!

    But metformin can = magic for some pcos'ers!