Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Visit to the ER

Let me start off by saying that I am a mess! I had some impacted wisdom teeth cut out last wednesday and my pain is not getting any better... I am still taking vicodin every 4 hours and wishing I could take it every three. My cheek re-swelled today and I am concerned that I might have dry socket.

On sunday morning I decided to use a qtip in my ears (which I rarely do) and the moment I stuck it in my left ear I couldnt hear.... it has been like that since sunday morning. Well today I finally decided to put some peroxide in it and try to clear it because it was driving me bonkers..... well the peroxide wouldnt all come back out. It was 10 times worse and I was miserable. DH and I drove all over town looking for those "ear wax candles" and couldnt find them. So, I bought a removal kit from CVS. We came home and I tried and it didnt work. I was miserable and finally decided I was just gonna go have it irrigated. I hate going to the ER for something like that but it was unbearable.

Well now I am home and let me tell you ITS LIKE IVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE! Everything is so clear! hahaha.

In the morning I go to the RE to see when/if I trigger. We are hoping that I didnt have too many follies progress (this has never happened for me because they usually cant get any, haha!). Then I have to go to the dentist and have my mouth checked and stitches removed.

In addition: When the ER asked what meds I was on and I listed them all I am pretty sure they were confused. They kept saying "I see you are diabetic".... no, im not! lol.

I am glad to be home and I am glad to hear again!!!


  1. Do they know what happened to your ear? Was it related to your teeth?

    When I had my wisdom teeth out I popped the stitches and had to go in and (I might not should be telling you this) have it packed with gauze daily so it would heal from the inside and not get dry socket.

    I know how miserable it can be- I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Glad that you can hear again!

    I would have loved to been a fly on the wall to see the confused looks on the faces of the ER staff when reading the med list of a someone going through fertility treatments and in pain! It's like a walking pharmacy.

    As far as the ear candles... check health & nutrition stores or sometimes whole food stores. I know GNC (if they have any near you)have them!

  3. I had to give a list of meds to another doc for an unrelated purpose and I got the same response! It was slightly amusing to watch them stumble for a second.

    Good luck!