Monday, July 12, 2010

Mt. Meds

Here is the mountain of meds that I am going to be injecting and swallowing this cycle not even including the progesterone suppositories or PIO I will be doing for my progesterone issues.

Do I look like a junkie or what?! The girl at my pharmacy thinks there is clearly something ridiculous going on with me and I only get half of my meds there.... the other half are mail order because normal pharmacies cannot afford to keep these meds in stock. Does that tell you something?! THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE! But I will quit beating the dead horse and move on because I cant change this.

I took my dexamethasone at about 11am. At about 6:30 I injected 175IU of Follistim (which in my opinion burns A LOT more than gonal-f). I will be taking my last day of 1500 mg Metformin, before my dose is upped to 2000mg tomorrow (ouch), tonight. I will also take my PNV tonight.



  1. I took home a bag full of meds last week too. Best of luck for your cycle, I will be following with interest.

    And off topic, I'm sorry I didn't realise you have been following my blog for so long. Your blog wasn't linked to your profile, and I only just worked it out after the last ICLW. Thanks for following me, I'm now following you too.