Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Day

One Day I will no longer look forward to treatments,
I won’t have to inject myself, or take another set of pills.
Infertility won’t haunt my daily thoughts,
My hopes won’t be crushed after every cycle,
I won’t cry inside when I hear a friend is pregnant,
Or when my period comes, inevitably, every month,
I won’t constantly hunt for information,
Or try to decipher the “signals” that my body is sending me,
Or wonder if something I eat, drink, do, see, think could prevent pregnancy,
One Day I will be the one with two lines,
Scared every day to lose a life inside of me,
Experiencing morning sickness,
Swollen, painful breasts, Swollen ankles, Fatigue,
And the joy of becoming rounder everyday,
I will discuss pregnancy and motherhood with other women as an equal,
I will hear a heart beating inside me that is not my own,
I will see a tiny “bean” grow into a Baby on ultrasound,
I will buy tiny clothes, cribs, strollers, carseats,
I will prepare a nursery fit for royalty,
One Day I will feel contractions grip my body,
And feel the anticipation of meeting my Little One,
And rush to the hospital,
We will be nervous,
And we will get through this too…together,
And we will meet Our Baby…our precious, beautiful Baby.
We will count ten fingers and toes,
We will wonder who he/she looks like,
We will finally announce the arrival of our baby to our families,
And we will take Our Baby home,
To the nursery fit for royalty,
And count our blessings,
And cuddle our Little One endlessly,
And know how truly, truly blessed we are.
I believe that one day we will have all this, and more

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  1. And now I'm crying AND have chills. Beautiful.