Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I love penguins

Penguins are the mascot of infertility. I find myself seeing penguin things and I want them all because they mean so much to me now. Here is why?

The Emporer Penguin is the strongest of all penguins. When an emperor penguin minds a mate he mates for life. They are the only ones brave enough to breed during the Antartic winter and they travel an enormous distance (31-75miles every year) over the ice to lay a single egg. After the female lays an egg, she entrusts the male partner to protect and incubate the egg while she returns to the sea to get food forherself and the baby- and then travels that distance again to give the baby the food. Then the male and female take turns guarding and feeding the baby and share in the parenting responsibilities throughout the year. The Emporer Penguins are very social penguins and all those in the colony help eachother and will even take over parenting duties when needed.

Seems to fit women and their dh's going through IF - and the long journey we all take.

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