Saturday, July 31, 2010

I have the BEST RE!

Justin got sick about a week ago and has been on antibiotics. I was shocked but happy that I never got sick. Well here I am, sick. I woke up this morning with my ears feeling full, my throat hurting, drainage in my throat, stuffy nose and a complimentary headache.

I absolutely CANNOT miss any work next week and I am in a wedding on friday so I need to NOT be sick. I started trying to call my doctors office and realized that I dont know what antibiotics I can take during the 2ww. I called the on-call service for my REs office, told them what I needed, and they took my info and said that my RE would call me. Well my phone rang in about 5 seconds and it was my RE. She's awesome. She told me what I could take and what I could not take. Then she asked for my pharmacy number to call me in a script..... without me even asking!!! My old RE would NEVER do that. I am so so happy that I found my new RE that I cant even put it into words.

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  1. I love twofers. Call for info and get a prescription.