Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crash Saga Continues

I am sitting on the couch crying, hahahaha. The girls insurance company called me and they are SO MEAN. I feel like she is against me (obivously), her insurance is against me, and I am all alone with noone fighting for me. Heres an update:

I went to reynoldsburg last night and filed a police report and spoke to an officer. Apparently, the police wouldnt have come anyways because we were on private property so I feel a little less dumb. The officer is going to get the surveillance tape and attach it to the police report. She is supposed to call me once she gets it and tell me how it looks and what is shows but she said it could be the end of the week because she didnt know when she would have time to get to it (GRRR!). So she said to call the insurance company and tell them that there was a police report and that the police are obtaining a video of the incident. So i Called and left a message for Miss Butts (yes thats right) to call me. She called me today and she is just so rude. She basically said (but not in exact words) that if the video didnt show it really well then I was gonna be screwed and they were denying based on the fact that their client said she didnt hit me. WOW. So I cried. I called Justin because I felt like noone was fighting for me and I didnt understand why my insurance wasnt torturing her..... the lady at my insurance treats me like a stupid 5 yr old child. So Justin called and now they wanna help... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! So I have to go get dressed and call them and make a claim while I am driving. I am just so over this, I hate the girl that hit me! I guess believing that people are good and trustworthy is a complete farce these days!

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  1. I really hope this gets taken care of soon. Like the added stress is needed anyway!