Friday, July 23, 2010

Last IUI is done

Today was part 2 of my back to back IUI #5.2.

I love my new Dr and I just cant tell you how thankful I am that I found RGI. Here is the GIANT catheter they use for the IUI (TMI im sure but oh well!)

Everything went fine and the post-wash counts were good (doesnt show morph), but the counts were better than yesterday. As I was laying there on the table waiting for the timer to go off so I could get up, get dressed, and leave I was thinking about how weird it was, after all of these IUI cycles, that this was my last IUI. It was like closing the book on one phase of this journey and opening a new scarier one.

IVF is no joke. There is surgery involved, even larger amounts on money involved, and a lot more emotional/physical trauma involved. I never thought that this journey would get this far. I really thought each new thing we tried was the answer. I remember when I started Clomid and I just knew that was all I needed! That kind of hope is so blind but so comforting. At this point after all these meds and procedures I dont have that "blind faith" that something will work. I know now that there is a good chance that nothing will work. We are at the end of the road..... IVF with ICSI (when they actually fertilize for you too) is the do all end all. If this doesnt work our only option is adoption or a gestational carrier or a donor.

IVF will mean shots in the morning and night, oral meds, ultrasound and bloodwork more days a week than not. I am ready, I think.


  1. I pray that this last ditch IUI will be the answer to your prayers and that you won't need to move on to IVF. I don't wish the stress of an IVF cycle on anyone. But if you have to go there, I pray that your first cycle will be IT for you. Good luck!!! Keeping everything crossed for you!

  2. I have days where I feel the same way. I just did the Clomid thing and that didn't work - now I'm getting ready to start the IUI thing and I'm really hoping that works but I've heard of too many people with not good results so I'm not getting my hopes up. I hope the IVF is a painless and stress free process for you.

    ICLW #117

  3. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to do IVF. I thought clomid would be the answer to all our problems, and then we were told that we would have to bypass and do IVF instead. The main reason why I didn't want to rush into IVF is because I also thought of IVF as my back up plan, and if I used that first and it didn't work, then what did I have left? But now that I've started IVF, I'm a lot more positive about everything and am sure I will be a mum one day.

    Best of luck for the next 2 weeks and beyond. Fingers crossed you won't need to do IVF at all!


  4. OoOo wishing you all the luck in the world that this brings motherhood direct to your door.


    p.s. I LOVE your header pic, you look GORGEOUS.

  5. Fingers crossed this last IUI is the charm. Happy ICLW!

  6. I pray that IUI is successful for you!!

    I hope you don't have to go to IVF, but if you do, I found it was not as scary as I thought. It just became something I had to do, don't get me wrong I felt like a pin cushion, but once I got into my 2 week wait, I almost forgot about all of that.

    Happy ICLW!!

  7. I love the pink papers, so girly!

    Best of luck to you for this IUI!

    Happy ICLW, #50

  8. My IUI was today and I thought of you while I was there. Hoping this is the one and you don't need IVF after all!