Monday, July 26, 2010

Today = Not My Day

Allow me to explain:

Work sucked and my at last appointment opening a new patient and doing paperwork I was stuck with an over-sharer who talked for 2.5 hours and at the end said that they house felt hot..... i checked the thermostat and the heat was on and it was 92. I keep my house at 66... enough said.

I was 1.5 hours late leaving for my dentist appointment due to this man. So I leave and when I hit the freeway exit to the dentist it is dead stopped at 3pm.... i sat for 35 minutes to go 200 feet.

Got to the dentist, had jaw bone broken off of where it was sticking out of my "impacted wisdom tooth hole graveyard". OUCH.

I leave the dentist and go straight to the gas station.... as I am sitting waiting my turn I get HIT! someone just hit me while I was sitting still. To top it off she started to drive away!!!!!!!! I got out of my car and ran after her screaming "YOU HIT ME, YOU HIT ME!" So she comes back.

Bottom Line.... NOT.MY.DAY.

And I am on the progesterone supps for the first time ever (last night was my second day on them) and HOLY TIREDNESS!!!!!

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  1. I'm sorry you had such a completely crappy day! I hope the week goes by fast for you.